lace collection

Want a very prim and proper but fun look? Lace it up!

Product Details:
Material is lace and chiffon, fully lined.
Contact us for lace color choices.

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1 to 2 pieces: P5,800.00 per piece
3 to 4 pieces: P5,500.00 per piece
5 pieces and up: P4,800.00 per piece


Colors and Styles:

5 pieces and up: maximum of 3 styles, 1 colors. 

3 to 4 pieces: maximum of 2 styles, 1 color. 

1 to 2 pieces: no limit.

*For gowns that will exceed the number of styles and colors, 1 to 2 pieces rate will automatically be applied.*

Custom Large Fee: Additional P350.00 will be applied for every gown with waistline 34" & up. *Maximum skirt length is 46".

Lead Time for Pre-order: 8 to 10 weeks upon receiving the complete measurements list and down payment. Rush orders are for further discussion, please contact us.


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