classic infinity gown

The signature product of Love, C is the Classic Infinity Gown. The multi-way floor length is the most versatile dress that can easily be used from casual to formal events.



1 to 2 pieces: P2,500.00 per piece

3 to 4 pieces: P2,300.00 per piece

5 to 6 pieces: P2,090.00 per piece

7 to 9 pieces: P1,950.00 per piece

10 pieces & up: P1,890.00 per piece

​Each gown is inclusive of a bandeau tube top.

Color Limit:

Maximum of 3 colors to avail the package rate.

Price per item will be under 1 to 2 pieces rate for gowns that will exceed the maximum number of colors.

Model is not wearing a bandeau tube top.
Enlarged Pic Website - Infinity.png

Material is ITY Jersey Spandex from Korea.

Actual color may vary depending on the screen brightness of your gadget.

Color codes and dye lot are different per collection.

Actual Classic Infinity Gowns worn by Love, C Clients

Classic Infinity Gown in Vienna Fabric (Limited Edition)

Introducing the limited edition gown in your favorite design. Not only is it in your favorite color, this classic infinity gown uses Vienna fabric. A fabric thicker than our regular jersey. This sage green gown will surely turn heads with its sheer elegance and beauty.

Limited Color: Sage Green


1 to 2 pieces: P3,100.00 per piece;

3 to 4 pieces: P3,000.00 per piece;

5 pieces and up: P2,900.00 per piece.

Model is not wearing a bandeau tube top.