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The Wedding Aisle

We have our own style pegs, can you customize designs for us? 

Yes! You can send us your pegs at this link.

Wedding Table

Do we need to book an appointment to visit your store?

You are free to visit us during our operating hours if you want to check out our actual products and color swatches. If you want to check out our RTW Wedding Gowns, kindly book an appointment with us.

Blonde Bride

Can we provide the fabric material and you do the labor only?

Yes, you can provide the fabric and we will design your gown for you!

Wedding Dress on Headless Mannequin

Can we request for cash refund or last minute change of the gowns?

Sorry, we do not offer cash refund or replacement of the gowns.


After you book and submit the complete final list of measurements, we will not be able to change them. Please make sure to submit the right quantity, colors, and measurements.

Wedding Table

Can we go to your physical store to have our bridesmaids measured?

Your girls are welcome to visit and have their measurements taken at our store only if you are already booked with us. 

You must schedule a 1-day appointment for all your girls to go to our shop as one batch. After we measure them, they must take their sizes and someone from your group must compile and send the list through our email using the given format.

Bridal Bouquet

Can we order swatch fabrics?

Unfortunately, swatch fabrics cannot be ordered. However, you van view our available swatches at the shop.

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