Our happy clients wearing Love, C dresses!

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Photo 19-05-2017, 4 48 24 PM
Photo 19-05-2017, 3 21 01 PM
 blush pink 💗 PM us to get our per piece and package rate
Lovely entourage of ms
_eckachinita's fab prenup shoot 😍 (lovely bride-to-be wearing Lucia gown in nude)
Gorgeous _aldanajasper wearing our cream Lucia dress 😍 thank you for senind us your lovely pics! ❤️
Beautiful girls wearing the colors of the year, serenity blue (infinity dress) and rose quartz (luci
True love does exist!!! Congrats to this lovely couple who just got engaged ❤️💍(bride-to-be wearing
Ever gorgeous _roceebriones in our fuschia Lucia dress 😍 just wow! Thank you girl for the pics ❤️#l
Beautiful bride-to-be wearing our blush Lucia on her prenup 😍
Wow girls _tiffytuffy and _or
Beautiful bride-to-be _mari_an2net wearing our infinity dress in wine red on her prenup sesh! 😍Than
Beautiful girls from World Vision wearing our nude infinity dresses 😍 thanks girls!
_chan_dy08's lovely bridesmaids in our lipstick red infinity gowns!!! Such a classic color😍😍😍 PM
Gorgeous ms. Cai wore our infinity dress and styled it with knotted strap. So lovely!😍 thank you fo
(Fabric_ rustic gold and champagne) One of my fave projects 😍 thank you _cuansha for trusting us to
This prenup photo is just breathtaking, perfect couple indeed! Thank you _ynohanna for sharing us yo
Can't get over with this All White Wedding 😍😍😍 entourage gowns by #lovecmanila #Repost _vanespino
Bridesmaids pretty in peach! 😍 ❤️PM us for on hand infinity gowns and entourage package rates! #inf
Our custom Lucia (previously named Faye) gowns in Serenity blue worn by these lovely bridesmaids of
 Viber us_
Pastel colors are just perfect! 💚💙💜❤️ _jackiefalales' stunning bridesmaids wearing our custom Luc
 Viber_ 09175022248_
The beautiful bride with her bridesmaids wearing Love, C infinity gowns ❤️ best wishes _lovelett_lee
 infinity gowns 😍 loving this color theme! Best wishes to you Shy! 😘 #inf
Stunning bridesmaids of _itsybitsycovy wearing navy blue #infinitygownsbylovec 💙_
Pretty bridesmaids in blue 💙 Thanks for the picture _tien
 infinity gown (left) & Lucia gown (right) 😍 #Repost _celalala with _repostapp
really a fan of this wedding theme ❤️ you can't go wrong with all white! Thank you for tagging us
Beautiful _miss_hershiez wearing our Lucia in Blush pink 😍 #Repost _miss_hershiez with _repostapp
Beautiful family! ❤️ (mom and daughter wearing Love, C infinity gowns & custom made flower crowns; d
Loving this peach wedding!! Thank you ms
Pretty bridesmaids in white! ❤️ (One of our fave wedding theme colors, so unique & elegant!!😍) than
 Infinity gowns 💓 #Repost _itsgracie530 with _repostapp
Super cute!!! Thank you for sending us this pic _unicainah 😍 (ms
#mayforever!! A prenup photo sent by a lovely client of mine ❤️ (bride-to-be wearing Lucia in Red)
_meimeianime and her bridesmaids wearing Love, C infinity gowns in blush pink ❤️ lovely entourage! C
Loving this cotton candy themed wedding!! 💕thank you _larrykristalyn for the pictures! Best wishes
Too gorgeous!! One of my fave clients _izavanessa wearing lucia in Fuschia 💕 #luciadressbylovec
_ccaarrllaaa's bridesmaids wearing Love, C infinity gowns ❤️ #Repost _ccaarrllaaa with _repostapp._・
Beautiful ms
Thank you _kayteebeybs for sending us this lovely pic 😍 #infinitygownsbyloveC
Such a gorgeous red wedding!!! ❤❤️❤️ (Bridesmaids wearing custom Faye gown) #Repost _wasabihotsauce
 our Lucia in nude 😍 thanks for sending us your pic!
Thank you for sending us your picture ms
Lovely couple!!! Thank you for tagging us _jankismeth (gown by #loveCmanila) #mayforever 😍 #Repost
_eyphril44's groomsman and bridesmaid looked lovely in peach!! ❤️ thank you and congrats April! Can'
Feeling the Christmas already!! ❤️⛄️ thank you girl. You looked stunning
Ricco and Zanne's prenup photo is just amazing 😍 lovely couple indeed! (Zanne wearing our Gia strin
So beautiful ❤️ thank you Iza! (lovely bride-to-be, Iza, wore a Lucia in Fuschia for her prenup shoo
Woah! Khaleesi, mother of dragons, wearing our infinity gown in mid gray!!! 😍😍😍 thank you _lookin
My pretty client Gretch wearing Lucia in mint 💚 thank you Gretch!!!! 😙 #Repost _gretchengatan with
What a lovely couple! __jillybeans_ wearing our Faye on her prenup shoot! 😍 congrats __jillybeans_
Thank you ms. Ayla for sending us this lovely group pic!! ❄️😍 (bridesmaids wearing Love, C infinity
Thank you for sending us your bridesmaids' pic ❤️ They looked lovely in Love C blush pink infinity g
The lovely couple together with the beautiful bridesmaids wearing Love C infinity gowns in blush ❤️
_jankismeth thank you again for sharing us your lovely prenup photos! We are so in love with them 😍
 reserve; fabric_ chiffon with lining 📌to s
Blooming _chiniiiie wearing love C's blush convertible dress on her photoshoot 😍 thank you for send
Thank you for sending us your pic _rheggyuy 😍 you looked so pretty in champagne! #lovecfeedback
Back details of ms
Ms. Wendy's ootd_ Jessica offshoulder dress in white floral prints. Thank you ms. Kayce! #styledbymi
Ms. Wendy Valdez wearing Lucia sideboob dress on her prenup ❤️ #styledbymisskayce _misskayce
Thank you and congrats _tatacay 😙❤️ #repost from _tatacay with _repostapp
Congrats ms
One of my favorite clients looking fab on her gender reveal party! Thank you so much for sending us
Ms.jpg Pamela is just perfect in our charcoal gray lucia sideboob dress 😍 thank you sis for sending
Can't get over _byaaatris' knotted style 😍 thanks again sis ❤️ #Repost _byaaatris with _repostapp._
Ms. _megimperial wearing Lucia sideboob dress! speechless
Congrats to a beautiful prenup pictorial session _izavanessa ! You looked so pretty!!! 😍 #repost fr
She's perfect in blush & tanlines 😍😍😍 thank you for tagging us _adelemarie415 , you look beautifu
princess _anjngot looking gorgeous in our violet Lucia sideboob dress 😍 thank u so much girl ❤️
Oh my pretty Maid of Honor! Thank you girl. Ganda moooo! #lovecgirls 😘#Repost _carrotshiri with _re
Beautiful ms. Camille Co wearing our Faye Sideboob dress in off-white. 😘 #Repost _itscamilleco with
Thank you ms
Beautiful boho girls of _carleenfabres wearing #luciadressbyloveC 😍 thank you Carleen for sharing y
 lace overlay
Yehey, we've been featured on _brideandbreakfast blog site! Thank you _carmilya for sharing your sto
Lovely bridesmaids in purple shades 💜 thank you _ching
Lovely bridesmaids in Pantone #63 infinity gowns💗 thank you ms
Gorgeous bridesmaids wearing custom #infinitygownsbyloveC ❤️ View more details re our gowns at _love
_rosesteffanie wearing Love, C's powder blue infinity gown with lace overlay, so gorgeous! 💙__To ge
Looking for the perfect flowy dress for your prenup sesh_ Our Lucia dress won't let you down! 😍 #lu
Gorgeous bridesmaids of _za9looksfamiliar in custom infinity gowns by love, C 💙 _Follow _lovecmanil
 TULLE OVERLAY 😍__thank you _xang
Beautiful ms
Gorgeous _vexiathesnowhite wearing our nude infinity gown for her prenup sesh in Italy 😍 thank you
Beautiful bridesmaids of _carmilya wearing custom infinity gowns by Love, C 😍 thank you dear for ta
The beautiful bride-to-be _joeeboooy wearing our best-selling Lucia gown in cream white for her pre-
green + peach = ❤️beautiful girls of _bonikkay wearing custom infinity gowns by Love, C
Thank you to the beautiful bride ms. Riza for sharing us this photo 💙 bridesmaids wearing our custo
Gorgeous bridesmaids wearing our custom serenity powder blue infinity gowns 💙thank you _mrsdaqzmen,
One of our fave clients, _carlaeser wearing rustic gold infinity gown on her prenup sesh 😍❤️ many t
What's not perfect with these light pastel colors 😍 thanks to the beautiful bride _sarahtpatron for
_joreenaudrey in love, C infinity gown 😍 thank you for letting us post this lovely prenup pic dear;
Custom infinity gowns by Love, C; check out _lovecmanilafaqs to view our rates and other details!
 lining, fr
_carlaeser's rustic themed prenup pictorial is just perfect 😍 gorgeous bride-to-be wearing our best
Cutie flower girl wearing custom love, C tutu dress 😍 thank you _katycherry09 ❤️ pls follow _lovecm
 Sophie 2pc dress for the mom) ❤️ thank you _rcs010
pc; free size; material_ chiff
Our gorgeous client wearing Lucia (previous name Faye) in yellow for her prenup sesh 🌼😍 PM us to g
Blue and pink combi is ❤️. thank you ms. Yanna for sharing with us this pic
 lace overlay
Beautiful girls of _thefashionistamomma wearing custom infinity gowns by Love, C
Flawless _popsandrade wearing our best selling Lucia (prev
Gorgeous preggy sisters wearing Faye dresses in blush pink and mint green 😍 thank you _iamwindhen f
_thefashionistamomma wearing our Faye in printed blue florals 😍 Thank you gorgeous!
My favorite girls wearing our Lucia dresses (previously named Faye) 😍 thank you _jeckmaierhofer and
Gorgeous _klyc101107 wearing love, C's infinity gown with necklace accessory for styling 😍 prenup s
Gorgeous bridesmaids of _zitrocat wearing #infinitygownsbylovec. thank you Caryn for tagging us
_sarahabigailyb and her lovely girls wearing custom love, C infinity gowns 😍 thank you dear, you lo
Beautiful _yamolarte in our black Jenny cut-out dress 😍 thank you dear, you looked awesome! (Availa
Beautiful couple _kendicandy & _regalroy with their bridesmaids in custom infinity gowns by Love, C
This bridesmaid is just gorgeous with her love, C infinity gown😍 thank you _kharlakalaw, so pretty!
😍😍😍 thank you _hides_md for this lovely photo of you and your girls wearing our custom infinity g
 us your beaut
Blushing bridesmaids of the ever gorgeous _roceebriones wearing _lovecmanila infinity gowns in blush
Gorgeous mom-to-be wearing our infinity dress in navy blue 😍 congrats dear!!! Excited for u. _#Repo
These goddesses wearing our Lucia (prev name is Faye) dress 😍😍😍 thank you _itsmayzelle for sharin
 us your lovely photos
Gorgeous _allisonjotojot used _lovecmanila infinity dress in nude as her prep dress for her wedding
Gorgeous bride-to-be _judfort wearing Lucia in blush pink on her big day for her prep dress 😍 just
Beautiful girls of _orlanedavid wearing custom infinity gowns by Love, C 😍 #infinitygownsbyloveC__V
#squadgoals 😍 thank you to the beautiful _judfort for sending us this photo! Her blushing bridesmai
#squadgoals! _allisonjotojot and her girls wearing custom infinity gowns by _lovecmanila 😍 thank yo
One of our favorite unique weddings 😍 beautiful bridesmaids wearing our custom infinity gowns in of
Bride-to-be wearing our Lucia in indigo! ❤️ #Repost _misskayce (via _repostapp)_・・・_BTS__Ryan x Ikay
Rustic feels!! 😍😍😍 beautiful bridesmaids of ms. Apple wearing our custom infinity gowns in rustic
Shades of blue for _itsybitsycovy's lovely bridesmaids 😍 thank you so much for sharing these photos
What a lovely prenup photo! Thank you once again _crissydelacruz for always remembering and sharing
Pretty bridesmaids wearing custom infinity gowns! Thank you _iamchuabelles for sharing us this beaut
Into the woods with the pretty _itsmegeocel wearing Faye in light gray 😍 gorgeous! Thank you dear f
Lovely photo from _midorimoonph for ms
Bridesmaids wearing our custom infinity gowns❤️ Thank you so much _theadventuresofmrandmrse for shar
Beautiful bridesmaids of _oeikun wearing Love, C custom infinity gowns in shades of purple 💜 thank
Oh how we love your prenup photos!! Thank you _rosiesantos17 for sharing your moments with us 💙 bri
Gorgeous _annchua14 working the stairs with our infinity gown 😍 you go girl! #workwork _PM us to ge
This pretty lady in our bubblegum pink infinity gown is now graduating! 💗 congrats _trishauydy, so
Gorgeous bridesmaids wearing our custom infinity gowns 💚 thank you pretty _tselay08! Best wishes 😘
The gorgeous _andreamaekarla wearing our infinity gown in navy blue for her prenup pictorial 💙 so r
Lovely bride-to-be wearing our Faye in cream white ❤️ best wishes dear! #Repost _ayabaecidnak with _
We are so in love with how you styled our infinity gown, _abillonpauline 💙 you looked gorgeous! _PM
another lovely picture of a wedding from the States! 🇺🇸❤️ thank you _harshmell0_ow for sharing thi
Cait wearing our Hailey tube dress in wine red ❤️ #regalcandy2016
We are just in love with this prenup photo of _hides_md wearing our Faye dress in wine red 😍 (photo
 Viber_ 091
just WOW 😍 Thank you _amberiloreta for always remembering us. You looked so pretty. Best wishes!❤️
Beautiful bridesmaids of ms
Thank you lovely ms
convertible gowns in purple shades 💜 _For more details regarding our infinity go
Thank you _supertrampning for remembering and sharing us your photo on your special day! Your doggie
Beautiful ms
The beautiful sang'gres of Encantadia wearing _lovecmanila infinity gowns! 😍 #encantadia #sarapdiva
Why so pretty _elliehihihuang_😍 (ms
 Viber_ 091750
Pink and blue kind of wedding in the USA! Thank you for sending pics all the way from the states _ve
 Viber_ 09175
Blushing bridesmaids in our custom infinity gowns 😍😍😍 thank you _dimpleclaud for this picture! (P
Gorgeous ms.jpg Mona wearing fuschia Lucia on her prenup sesh! Thank you girl.jpg You looked amazing
Gorgeous bridesmaids of _joreenaudrey 😍 Thank you _abbyviernes & _huanimal for tagging us! ❤️ ・・・_T
Beautiful view + beautiful bridesmaids of ms. Vina wearing custom love, C infinity gowns = ❤️


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